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Decolonize the Cowboy: #OpHarper

As thousands of Indigenous Peoples and allies gather in the streets, for the #IdleNoMore Movement’s World Day of Action on #J28, Emperor Harper and his neo-con cronies will return to bureaucracy as usual on Parliament Hill. Having done everything they could to ignore the movement and its demands for justice, having promised nothing other than further meetings with AFN and Indian Act Chiefs, and having cleverly disguised this promise under the disingenuous mantra of “high level dialogue”, we can see the government’s true intent. Their promises will not lead to action. Our demands will not be met. Nothing will be gained.

The writing is on the government’s walls: Indigenous Peoples mean nothing to Harper.

But we will no longer accept his willful ignorance, continued dismissal and blatant disregard for our nations, peoples, lands and rights.

As our friends and relatives rise together in hundreds of cities around the world in support of Idle No More, and our Anonymous allies prepare #OpThunderbird in defense of Indigenous women, we will bring the #J28 Day of Action to Harper’s digital doorstep.

When the House of Commons begins its 198th Sitting on Monday, January 28th, we will begin #OpHarper: the first phase of a campaign to end the reign of the Harper government. Beginning at 11:00am EST, we will commence a twitter storm of unified opposition against the Harper regime, filling the digital airwaves with our dissent.

We call on all supporters and allies of Idle No More to join us in chanting down this oppressive government by detailing its continued injustices against our lives, our freedoms, our environment and our future.

Join us.

House of Commons: Parliamentary Agenda – January 28, 2013


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