(via Can computer games sharpen your mind? | Education |…

(via Can computer games sharpen your mind? | Education | guardian.co.uk)

Finding a way to wind down in your spare time is crucial to getting through the stresses of university. Some students go for walk, others like a drink. I like to take on wave after wave of murderous adversaries.

That’s right, when I need to relax, I find solace in computer games. It might sound crazy, but I’m here to tell you that even that hour spent playing mini-golf online could be helping your studies in the long run.

A whopping eight out of 10 homes in the UK own a games console, and around 33.6 million people are gamers. I barely know anyone who doesn’t own a games console or smartphone on which to play.

I admit that almost every moment I’m not studying, sleeping or eating I am engaging in some form of video game. But could this “wasted time” be helping me?

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