dermoosealini: animalcruelty-notok: “We are very sorry to post…



We are very sorry to post this picture of one of Laikipia’s precious young cow elephants who was was found yesterday, having succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained during an attempted poaching incident last Saturday evening. Tragically she was heavily pregnant and her unborn calf who was due to be born any day now, also died. The Laikipia community policing initiative rapid response team & sniffer dogs arrived on the scene to track up the suspects at first light on Sunday morning but were unable to pick up any fresh scents. The poachers and their backers remain at large. While we are doing our very best to try and keep elephants secure in this part of the world, we need some help from those who could close the illegal markets in Asia, particularly in China. In the meantime we will continue to work with the Kenya Wildlife Service, the police and our partners, Ol Pejeta, to bolster security for wildlife here. Sorry for sharing such shocking images but we feel Kenyans and the rest of world should know what is happening to our natural heritage to supply nonsensical trinkets to unsuspecting or poorly informed consumers in Asia. Picture by Anne Powys. Stop the trade!”


All the shock tactics and none of the responsibility.

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