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Now wait a minute. I’m not going to argue that any of the things in the lefthand column are safe or healthful, but with regards to the FDA saying “fresh milk” is dangerous, I assume you are referring to raw, unpasteurized milk, which IS dangerous. Seriously. See here, here, here. Raw milk can contain bacteria which can make you seriously sick, and it’s much more likely to carry that bacteria than pasteurized milk. (I don’t think we should be drinking cow’s milk at all, but that’s for another conversation.)

So is it nuts that the FDA thinks all the stuff in the lefthand column is safe? Probably. But let’s not start using that to downplay the fact that raw milk is much more likely to harbor harmful, potentially lethal bacteria. If you want to take that chance on yourself, fine, but don’t feed it to your kids, or anyone elderly or with a compromised immune system.

Just like you don’t pasteurize human breast milk, there is no need to pasteurize cow’s milk. If you buy raw milk from a local farm like I do, where the farmers take care to ensure cleanliness so there is no contamination, and you keep the milk refrigerated, you have nothing to fear. The only reason pasteurization took off in the first place was because dairy farms became more industrialized and couldn’t justify the costs associated with maintaining cleanliness or quality standards, so they now just cram as many cows as possible into as little space as possible, feed them corn and other garbage, keep them poppin’ out calves one after another, and milk them every day regardless of whether or not their udders are raw, scabby, or pussy, and all that wholesome goodness ends up in your milk, which is then boiled to ensure you don’t get sick. If you were to try to get raw milk from one of these “farms”, I’m sure you would probably contract something. 

Pasteurization also increases shelf-life, so they can sell you milk that is in no way “fresh”, and ship it further from the origin source, so you can enjoy your milk while also enjoying a larger carbon footprint.

Humans consumed raw milk for thousands of years prior to pasteurization – I’m sure if it was such a major health risk, someone would have figured it out and stopped. But more than that, the FDA’s ban on the sale of raw milk is morally wrong for two reasons: first, it creates an economic barrier to entry for small dairy farms, who may be able to fill a niche role by providing raw milk, but are instead forced to compete with large factory dairy farms; and second, and most egregious, the FDA is assuming that they, as a government agency, are more apt to make decisions for your own well-being than you are, and are prepared to use force to prevent you from making decisions on what you are going to put into your own body. 

If you don’t want to drink raw milk, don’t. But don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, and don’t trust the government about anything, ever.


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