(via Inhabitat’s Week in Green: stair-climbing vacuum…

(via Inhabitat’s Week in Green: stair-climbing vacuum cleaner, carbon dioxide diapers and a real 3D-printed face)

Just a few short years ago, 3D printing seemed like science fiction; we could grasp its value, but we didn’t yet have the ability to harness its power and put it to good use. Now, we’re seeing the technology advance every day — and it’s opening up new possibilities in medical science and other fields. This week, we shared the story ofone British man who received a new 3D-printed face that gave him a second chance at life. In an equally amazing story, scientists at the University of Notre Dame successfully 3D printed the entire skeleton of a living rat. California-based Signal Snowboards unveiled the world’s first 3D-printed snowboard this week. And desktop 3D printing and scanning is getting cheaper every day — Canadian company Matterform is developing a lightweight 3D scanner called the Photonthat’s cheaper than a tablet.

These are critical times in the fight to combat global warming, and around the world countries are turning to renewable energy sources to provide clean electricity. This year, global wind energy production is set to top 300,000 MW, sparked by new major projects in Europe, the US and China. And Denmark, a country that is already 25 percent powered by offshore wind, is set to double its wind energy production by 2020. It isn’t just wind energy that’s making the headlines, though; a new study finds that the solar photovoltaic industry is set to pay off its energy debt and become a net energy producer by 2015, And this week, researchers set a new solar record for black silicon cells with an efficiency rate of 18.7 percent.

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