my2centsblog: McDonald’s actually put up a website advising…


McDonald’s actually put up a website advising it’s poverty level wage earners on how to get by on their low pay.  

  • Pack your bags and take two vacations a year to cut your heart attack risk.  Are you kidding me?  McDonald’s doesn’t even give its employees paid vacations and the only bags they can probably afford are garbage bags. 
  • Break your food into pieces which will result in eating less and still feeling full.  Meanwhile the workers don’t have enough food to eat let alone having them break it into smaller pieces to pretend they have more food to eat.
  • Sell your unopened holiday purchases or gifts on eBay or Craigslist.   So don’t keep your Christmas gifts just return them so you can have some money to live on.

This video highlights how ridiculous McDonald’s is in the advice they are giving to their employees.  Instead of having profits of $7 billion a year they could increase the wages of the employees.  Then US taxpayers wouldn’t have to subsidize McDonald’s to the tune of $1.2 billion a year due to government assistance their workers qualify for.  

This is just one example of why the minimum wage needs to be increased.  Will the Republicans do it?  Probably not.

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